Uganda Upstream Fiscal and Regulatory Report - First Licensing Round to Test Attractiveness of Revised Regime

Uganda Upstream Fiscal and Regulatory Report - First Licensing Round to Test Attractiveness of Revised Regime
Juillet 2015
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Market Report
Description du rapport

“Uganda Upstream Fiscal and Regulatory Report - First Licensing Round to Test Attractiveness of Revised Regime”, GlobalData’s latest release, presents the essential information relating to the terms which govern investment into Uganda’s upstream oil and gas sector. The report sets out in detail the contractual framework under which firms must operate in the industry, clearly defining factors affecting profitability and quantifying the state’s take from hydrocarbon production. Considering political, economic and industry specific variables, the report also analyses future trends for Uganda’s upstream oil and gas investment climate.


- Overview of current fiscal terms governing upstream oil and gas operations in Uganda

- Detail on legal framework and governing bodies administering the industry

- Levels of upfront payments and taxation applicable to oil and gas production

- Explanation of production sharing mechanisms in existing contracts

- Information on the evolution of the legal framework in the run-up to Uganda’s first bid round

- Assessment of the current fiscal regime’s attractiveness to investors

- Outlook on future of fiscal and regulatory terms in the Uganda

Reasons to buy

- Understand the complex regulations and contractual requirements applicable to the Uganda’s upstream oil and gas sector

- Evaluate factors determining profit levels in the industry

- Identify potential regulatory issues facing investors in the country’s upstream sector

- Utilize considered insight on future trends to inform decision-making

Table des matières

1 Table of Contents

1 Table of Contents 1

1.1 List of Tables 2

1.2 List of Figures 2

2 Regime Overview 3

3 Fiscal Take Assessment 5

4 Key Fiscal Terms 6

4.1 Upfront Payments 6

4.1.1 Signature Bonus 6

4.1.2 Discovery Bonus 6

4.1.3 Rental Fees 6

4.1.4 Training Fees 6

4.1.5 Royalties 6

4.1.6 Additional Royalty 6

4.2 Cost Recovery 7

4.2.1 Cost Recovery Limit 7

4.2.2 Recoverable Costs 7

4.3 Profit Sharing 7

4.4 Direct Taxation 8

4.4.1 Corporate Income Tax 8

4.4.2 Branch Remittance Tax 8

4.4.3 Deductions and Depreciation 8

4.4.4 Withholding Tax 8

4.5 Indirect Taxation 8

4.5.1 Value Added Tax 8

4.5.2 Import Duties 8

5 Regulation and Licensing 10

5.1 Legal Framework 10

5.1.1 Governing Law 10

5.1.2 Contract Type 10

5.1.3 Title to Hydrocarbons 11

5.2 Institutional Framework 11

5.2.1 Licensing Authority 11

5.2.2 Regulatory Agency 11

5.2.3 National Oil Company 12

5.3 Licensing Process 12

5.3.1 Licensing Rounds 12

5.3.2 Direct Applications 12

5.4 License Terms 12

5.4.1 Duration 12

5.4.2 Work Obligations 12

5.4.3 Domestic Market Obligation 12

5.4.4 Local Content 12

5.5 State Participation 12

6 Outlook 13

7 Contact Information 14

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