Sonatrach SPA - Oil & Gas - Deals and Alliances Profile

Sonatrach SPA - Oil & Gas - Deals and Alliances Profile
Mars 2016
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Sonatrach SPA (Sonatrach) is a state-owned integrated oil and gas company. Its businesses include exploration and production; pipeline transportation; liquefaction, refining and petrochemicals; marketing of petroleum products; maritime transportation; and other services. The company explores for, develops, produces, transports and markets hydrocarbons and by-products. It operates pipeline facilities to transport crude oil, condensate, LPG and natural gas. As part of its diversification strategy, Sonatrach increased its investments in electricity generation, renewable energies, water desalination, and exploration and evaluation of mining assets. It operates LNG, LPG, and very large crude carriers for transportation. The company has operational presence in Latin America, Europe, Africa and North America. Sonatrach is headquartered in Algiers, Algeria.

Sonatrach SPA - Oil & Gas - Deals and Alliances Profile provides you comprehensive data and trend analysis of the company's Mergers and

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Sonatrach SPA, Oil & Gas, Deals By Year, 2010 to YTD 2016 6

Sonatrach SPA, Oil & Gas Deals By Type, 2010 to YTD 2016 7

Sonatrach SPA, Oil & Gas, Deals By Region, 2010 to YTD 2016 8

Sonatrach SPA, Oil & Gas, Deals By Sector, 2010 to YTD 2016 9

Sonatrach SPA, Oil & Gas, Deals Summary, 2010 to YTD 2016 10

Sonatrach SPA, Oil & Gas, Deal Details 11

Asset Purchase 11

Sonatrach Completes Acquisition Of Additional 18.375% Interest In Isarene PSC In Algeria From Petroceltic For Up To US$180 Million 11

BG North Sea And Sonatrach Complete Acquisition Of 38.25% Interest In Hassi Ba Hamou Permit From Gulf Keystone Petroleum 13

Partnerships 15

GS Engineering & Construction Forms Joint Venture With Sonatrach 15

Sonatrach Plans To Form Partnership With Shell And ExxonMobil 16

Equity Offering 17

Gas Natural Fenosa Completes Private Placement Of New Shares For US$728.5 Million 17

Asset Transactions 19

GAIL (India) Plans To Acquire Certain Stake In LNG Plants From Chevron And Sonatrach 19

Acquisition 20

Sonatrach Acquires Additional 10.6% Stake In Medgaz From Iberdrola 20

CEPSA And Sonatrach Complete Acquisition Of 12% Stake In Medgaz From Endesa For US$109.2 Million 21

Gas Natural Fenosa Completes Acquisition Of 10% Stake In Medgaz From Sonatrach For US$83 Million 23

Sonatrach SPA - Key Competitors 25

Key Employees 26

Locations And Subsidiaries 27

Head Office 27

Other Locations & Subsidiaries 27

Recent Developments 29

License Rounds 29

Oct 07, 2015: Algeria Puts On Hold Bidding For Oil And Gas Exploration Rights 29

Strategy and Business Expansion 30

Jun 08, 2015: PetroVietnam And Sonatrach Signed Cooperation Agreement For Production In Algeria 30

Recent Discoveries 31

Apr 20, 2015: Repsol Makes New Gas Discovery In Algeria 31

Drilling and Production Updates 32

Oct 27, 2015: PTTEP: The Bir Seba Field In Algeria Has Commenced First Oil Production 32

Other Significant Developments 33

Mar 08, 2016: Sonatrach To Raise Pipeline Capacity With $3.2bn Investment 33

Feb 22, 2016: Petroceltic International Provides Algeria Operational Update 34

Feb 16, 2016: BP: Start-Up At In Salah Southern Fields Announced 35

Feb 02, 2016: Saipem Contracting Algerie: Court Orders Fine Of €34,000 And Release Of €82 Million In GK3 Contract Award Trial In Algeria 36

Aug 19, 2015: Petroceltic International: Update On Ain Tsila Development Project EPC Contract Tender process 37

Aug 14, 2015: PVEP Begins Exploration At Oil Platforms In Sahara Desert, Algeria 38

Aug 02, 2015: Algeria Records Increase In Oil Production With Two New Fields 39

Jul 27, 2015: PDVSA Seeks Bids To Buy Ultralight Sweet Crude 40

May 18, 2015: EGAS To Issue $3bn LNG Purchase Tender In June 2015 41

May 08, 2015: Ain Sokhna Port In Egypt Receives Three BCM Of LNG From Sonatrach 42

Feb 25, 2015: Sonatrach Provides Update On Oil Fields Discoveries In 2015 43

Feb 08, 2015: Sonatrach's Annual Gas Production Capacity In Algeria May Reach 151 BCM In 2019 44

Feb 01, 2015: Sonatrach Shuts Skikda Plant's LNG Unit In Algeria For Maintenance 45

Jan 24, 2015: Sonatrach: Algeria To Invest USD 70 Bln In Shale Projects 46

New Contracts Announcements 47

Mar 08, 2016: Amec Foster Wheeler Awarded Multiple Algerian Refinery Contracts 47

Feb 19, 2016: ABB Wins $100 Million Order To Revamp LPG Plant In Algeria 48

Aug 12, 2015: Amec Foster Wheeler Awarded Consultancy Contract By Sonatrach In Algeria 49

Apr 27, 2015: Petroceltic: Award of Rig Contract For The Ain Tsila Project 50

Feb 06, 2015: Petrofac Secures Strategic Services Agreements In Algeria 51

Jan 14, 2015: Newpark Resources Announces International Contract Award 52

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