Retailing in South Africa - Market Summary and Forecasts ;Comprehensive overview of the market, consumer, and competitive context, with retail sales value and forecasts to 2019

Retailing in South Africa - Market Summary and Forecasts ;Comprehensive overview of the market, consumer, and competitive context, with retail sales value and forecasts to 2019
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Décembre 2015
Afrique du Sud
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Forecast report
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South Africa's retail sector is expected to witness robust growth over the next five years backed by steady economic growth, stable inflation, favorable policies, and improving macroeconomic factors. The increasing penetration of the internet and mobile devices is fueling the growth of sales through the online channel, and the trend is expected to gain further traction over the next five years.

Key Findings

- Food and grocery is the largest sector, accounting for 54.8% of the overall retail sales in 2014

- Demand for private labels is on the rise

- M-commerce is witnessing robust growth backed by increased adoption of smartphones

- Growth in the tourism sector to boost retail spending


“Retailing in South Africa - Market Summary and Forecasts, 2014-2019” provides data for historic and forecast retail sales, and also includes information on the business environment and country risk related to the South Africa retail environment. In addition, it analyses the key consumer tr

Table des matières


1.1 What is this Report About?

2 Executive Summary and Outlook

3 Market Context

3.1 Retail Scenario in South Africa

3.1.1 Stable economic conditions bode well for retailers

3.1.2 Being a consumption led economy augurs well for retailers

3.1.3 Services sector is the major sector for employment

3.1.4 Unemployment and labor unrest pose a challenge to the country's economy

3.1.5 Rising inflation rates - a key concern for retailers

3.1.6 Steady rise in consumption expenditure- an opportunity for retailers

3.1.7 Increasing urbanization offers growth opportunities for retailers

3.2 A major chunk of the population are young - a positive scenario for retail

4 South African Shoppers

4.1 South Africa presents more challenges than opportunities to newcomers

4.2 M-commerce on a rise as consumers increasingly adopt smartphones

4.3 Demand for private labels on a rise

4.4 Rising HNWI and aspirational middle class will support growth

4.5 Inbound tourism to boost retail sales

5 Doing Business in South Africa

5.1 Summary

5.1.1 Bureaucracy

5.1.2 Business culture

5.1.3 Infrastructure and logistics

5.2 Business reforms in South Africa

6 Internet and Technology

6.1 Mobile Phone, Broadband and Internet Users

6.1.1 Increasing Penetration of Social Media - An opportunity for retailers

7 Retail Topline

7.1 Total Retail

7.1.1 Online Sales and Growth

7.2 Summary of product sectors

7.2.1 Share of key product sectors

7.2.2 Key product sectors

7.3 Summary of channels

7.3.1 Spend per Channel

7.3.2 Online Penetration of Key Product Sectors

8 Retail - Product Sectors

8.1 Product Sector Analysis

8.1.1 Clothing

8.1.2 Footwear

8.1.3 Books, News, and Stationery

8.1.4 Electrical and Electronics

8.1.5 Food and Grocery

8.1.6 Health and Beauty

8.1.7 Furniture and Floor Coverings

8.1.8 Home and Garden Products

8.1.9 Music, video, and entertainment Software

8.1.10 Sports and Leisure Equipment

8.1.11 Jewelry, Watches, and Accessories

8.1.12 Luggage and Leather Goods

9 Retailers

9.1 Clothing

9.2 Footwear

9.3 Books, News and Stationery

9.4 Electrical and Electronics

9.5 Food and Grocery

9.6 Health and Beauty

9.7 Furniture and Floor Coverings

9.8 Home and Garden Products

9.9 Music, Video and Entertainment Software

9.1 Sports and Leisure Equipment

9.11 Jewelry, Watches and Accessories

9.12 Luggage and Leather Goods

10 Appendix

10.1 Definitions

10.1.1 This report provides 2014 actual sales; while forecasts are provided for 2015 - 2019

10.2 Summary Methodology

10.2.1 Overview

10.2.2 The triangulated market sizing method

10.2.3 Industry surveys in the creation of retail market data

10.2.4 Quality control and standardized processes

10.3 About Conlumino

10.4 Disclaimer

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