OTT Video in Africa and the Middle East: Improving Telecom Infrastructure and Rising 4G Penetration to Support OTT Growth

OTT Video in Africa and the Middle East: Improving Telecom Infrastructure and Rising 4G Penetration to Support OTT Growth
Décembre 2015
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OTT video markets in Africa and the Middle East have significant differences largely due to demographics, economic factors and the telecom landscape across countries. Markets with high adoption rates of pay-TV, fixed broadband and mobile broadband see the most robust and innovative OTT ecosystems, such as UAE and Israel. With the increasing popularity of OTT services an increasing number of mobile operators, pay-TV providers, broadcasters and media companies are expanding into the OTT arena either by partnering with OTT players or by launching their own OTT services. Examples of OTT services introduced by mobile operators include eLife ON by Etisalat, which is based in UAE, and mView by Saudi telco Mobily, while broadcaster beIN Sports has its own OTT service called beIN Sports Connect. Pay-TV operator OSN has launched GO across MENA while Times Media Group has an OTT service called VIDI in South Africa. Markets with low pay-TV penetration, low broadband penetration or low smartphone

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OTT video market: Taxonomy, business models and content provision

OTT video pricing and business models

OTT service providers

Content provision in the connected era

Challenges and opportunities for OTT service providers in diverse AME markets

OTT video in Africa and the Middle East: Overview, market comparisons, providers and opportunities

The OTT video market in Africa and the Middle East

Pyramid Research OTT Video Market Attractiveness Index

OTT Video Market Attractiveness Index results

OTT service provider profiles

OTT business models and pricing methods

OTT video opportunity mapping

OTT provider summaries

OTT mobile opportunity

Market details: Case studies

Nigeria: iROKOTV

UAE: eLife ON


MENA: beIN Sports Connect

MENA: icflix

Key findings and recommendations


OTT Video Market Attractiveness Index composition and methodology

OTT Video Market Attractiveness Index countries covered

Acronyms and definitions

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