Mobile Africa Tariff Tracker

Mobile Africa Tariff Tracker
Avril 2015
Description du rapport

The second edition of the Mobile Africa Tariff Tracker aimed at the fast growing African Mobile segment covers mobile pricing in 37 African countries. It surveys pricing from a total of 74 MNOs in 37 countries across Africa and includes 577 price plans in total – of which 348 are Post Paid contracts and 160 are Pre Paid services in addition to detailed pricing for international calling, roaming and mobile broadband services.

The TCL Mobile Africa Tariff Tracker 2014 uses the database and analysis perfected by TCL in the TCL Mobile Broadband and Voice & 3G Smartphone Tariff Tracker subscription services which also includes selected pricing from African MNOs.

This service provides a more detailed in depth survey of the African mobile market and tracks in detail  for voice and data mobile services

The TCL Mobile Africa Tariff Tracker offers a unique insight into the pricing strategies of more than 70 MNOs in one of the most dynamic markets in the world based on rigorous analysis from TCL analysts. The keybenefit is that you have easy access to a wealth of information in once source and allowing you to extract as you like and produce your own tables and charts.

Table des matières

Geographical Coverage


Algeria                                                Lesotho
Angola                                                Liberia
Benin                                                  Libya
Botswana                                           Madagascar
Burkino Faso                                     Malawi
Burundi                                               Mali
Cameroon                                          Morocco
Cape Verde                                        Mozambique
Central African Republic                    Mauritania
Chad                                                  Namibia
Congo                                                Nigeria
Cote D'ivoire                                      Rwanda
Egypt                                                 South Africa
Ethiopia                                             Sudan
Ghana                                               Tanzania
Gabon                                               Togo
Gambia                                             Tunisia
Guinea Bissau                                  Uganda
Kenya                                               Zimbabwe


Service Coverage

  • Post- and prepaid domestic voice, SMS, Mobile Data, 3G & Smartphone services
  • International calling rates from the African MNO to 7 international destinations
  • Roaming pricing from 3 international destinations
  • Mobile Broadband tariffs for both post- and  prepaid services


  • A Database (pricing is shown in local currency and in USD ($) allowing for easy like-for-like comparisons)
  • Price comparisons for each service covered published in a 27-page report
  • Customer Support
Description de l'éditeur

Tariff Consultancy specialises in the provision of the latest telecoms pricing with the key trends and the implications for operator strategy. TCL publishes reports, Tracker Tariffs and provides consultancy globally.