Lekoil Limited (LEK) - Oil & Gas - Deals and Alliances Profile

Lekoil Limited (LEK) - Oil & Gas - Deals and Alliances Profile
Avril 2016
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Lekoil Limited (Lekoil) is an oil and gas company that holds exploration and production of oil and gas interests in Nigeria and Namibia. It owns four oil and gas exploration and production assets namely otakikpo and OPL 310 in Nigeria, block 2514 A and block 2514 B in Namibia. The company's target portfolio includes Dahomey basin exploration and West Africa Niger. Lekoil’s business operations span converting small to mid-sized marginal opportunities to production (operated), acquiring mid-large sized non-operated divestment opportunities and acquiring and maturing appraisal opportunities. It has operations in Namibia, Nigeria and the US. Lekoil is headquartered in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Lekoil Limited (LEK) - Oil & Gas - Deals and Alliances Profile provides you comprehensive data and trend analysis of the company's Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As), partnerships and financings. The report provides detailed information on Mergers and Acquisitions, Equity/Debt Offerings, Priva

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Lekoil Limited, Oil & Gas, Deals By Year, 2010 to YTD 2016 5

Lekoil Limited, Oil & Gas Deals By Type, 2010 to YTD 2016 6

Lekoil Limited, Oil & Gas, Deals By Region, 2010 to YTD 2016 7

Lekoil Limited, Oil & Gas, Deals By Sector, 2010 to YTD 2016 8

Lekoil Limited, Oil & Gas, Deals Summary, 2010 to YTD 2016 9

Lekoil Limited, Oil & Gas, Deal Details 10

Asset Purchase 10

Lekoil To Acquire Additional 22.86% Stake In OPL 310 License In Offshore Nigeria From Afren For US$13 Million 10

Equity Offering 12

Lekoil Completes Private Placement Of Shares For US$46 Million 12

Lekoil Completes Private Placement Of Shares For US$37.6 Million 13

Lekoil Completes Private Placement Of Shares For US$100 Million 14

Lekoil Completes Private Placement Of Shares For US$20 Million 16

Lekoil Announces Private Placement Of Shares For US$48.8 Million 17

Acquisition 18

Lekoil To Acquire 88.57% Stake In Ashbert Oil And Gas 18

Lekoil Limited - Key Competitors 19

Key Employees 20

Locations And Subsidiaries 21

Head Office 21

Other Locations & Subsidiaries 21

Recent Developments 22

Drilling and Production Updates 22

Sep 07, 2015: Lekoil: First Oil From Otakikpo 22

Financial Announcements 23

Sep 30, 2015: Lekoil: Half Year Results For The Six Months Ended 30 June 2015 23

Jun 30, 2015: Lekoil Announces Appointment Of Non-Executive Director 27

May 11, 2015: Lekoil: Final Results For The Year To 31 December 2014 28

Other Significant Developments 33

Dec 03, 2015: Lekoil: Operations Update And Analyst & Investor Day 33

Jul 29, 2015: Lekoil: Otakikpo Operational Update 34

Jun 29, 2015: Lekoil Announces Directorate Change On June 29, 2015 35

Jan 21, 2015: Lekoil Resource To Reserve Conversion At Otakikpo 36

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