The Kenyan Defense Industry - Industry Dynamics to 2020: Market Profile

The Kenyan Defense Industry - Industry Dynamics to 2020: Market Profile
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Mars 2015
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Market Report
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This report provides a detailed Porter's five force analysis on the Kenya defense industry.

The prime aim of the Kenyan government is to enhance the country's defense capabilities to combat the growing threats from external and internal sources. As the country's domestic defense manufacturing industry is in its nascent stage, Kenya largely relies on foreign imports to fulfill its military needs.

Key Findings

SDI's "The Kenyan Defense Industry - Industry Dynamics to 2020: Market Profile" is an essential source of information covering the industry dynamics of the defense industry in Kenya.

In particular, this report offers in-depth analysis on Industry structure with five forces analysis, to identify various power centers in the industry and how these are likely to develop in the future.

Among the key areas discussed as part of the analysis are: the bargaining power of buyers and suppliers, the barriers to entry, the intensity of rivalry, and the threat of substitution.

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Table des matières

1 Introduction

1.1. What is this Report About?

1.2. Definitions

1.3. Summary Methodology

1.4. SDI Terrorism Index

1.5. About Strategic Defence Intelligence

2 Industry Dynamics

2.1. Five Forces Analysis

2.1.1. Bargaining power of the supplier: high

2.1.2. Bargaining power of the buyer: low

2.1.3. Barrier to entry: medium to high

2.1.4. Intensity of rivalry: high

2.1.5. Threat of substitution: medium to high

3 Appendix

3.1. About SDI

3.2. Disclaimer

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