Cigarettes in Morocco 2014

Cigarettes in Morocco 2014
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Juin 2015
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Forecast report
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“Cigarettes in Morocco” is a new report by ERC that focuses on the changing smoking habits, competitive environment, economic developments and analyzes the implications that market realignments have had on top multinational companies.

Key Findings

- Higher consumer awareness of the health risks associated with smoking dark tobacco in unfiltered cigarettes, and a general trading-up by smokers have been cited as the reasons for the longer-term expansion in the filter section.

- Filter cigarettes account for over 70% of sales. This is in large part a reflection of the movement towards blond cigarettes. Although Morocco is traditionally a dark cigarette market, changing tastes have increased demand for blond varieties.

- Volumes are set to rise in 2023, equating to a 12.2% increase from 2013. Per capita growth will be more modest 2.0% above 2013 levels and moderate to high by African standards.


This qualitative report provides extensive and highly detailed overall and per cap

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