African Trypanosomiasis Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2014

African Trypanosomiasis Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2014
Novembre 2014
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Market Report
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GlobalData's clinical trial report, “African Trypanosomiasis Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2014" provides data on the African Trypanosomiasis clinical trial scenario. This report provides elemental information and data relating to the clinical trials on African Trypanosomiasis. It includes an overview of the trial numbers and their recruitment status as per the site of trial conduction across the globe. The databook offers a preliminary coverage of disease clinical trials by their phase, trial status, prominence of the sponsors and also provides briefing pertaining to the number of trials for the key drugs for treating African Trypanosomiasis. This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by GlobalData's team of industry experts.

Note: Certain sections in the report may be removed or altered based on the availability and relevance of data for the indicated disease.


- Data on the number of clinical trials conducted in North America, South and Central America, Europe, Middle-East and Africa and Asia-pacific and top five national contributions in each

- Clinical trial (complete and in progress) data by phase, trial status, subjects recruited and sponsor type

- Listings of discontinued trials (suspended, withdrawn and terminated)

Reasons to buy

- Understand the dynamics of a particular indication in a condensed manner

- Abridged view of the performance of the trials in terms of their status, recruitment, location, sponsor type and many more

- Obtain discontinued trial listing for trials across the globe

- Espy the commercial landscape of the major Universities / Institutes / Hospitals or Companies

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2

List of Tables 3

List of Figures 3

Introduction 4

African Trypanosomiasis 4

Report Guidance 4

Clinical Trials by Region 5

Clinical Trials and Average Enrollment by Country 6

Top Countries Contributing to Clinical Trials in Asia-Pacific 8

Top Countries Contributing to Clinical Trials in Europe 9

Top Five Countries Contributing to Clinical Trials in Middle East and Africa 10

Clinical Trials by G7 Countries: Proportion of African Trypanosomiasis to Infectious Disease Clinical Trials 11

Clinical Trials in G7 Countries by Trial Status 12

Clinical Trials by Phase 13

Clinical Trials by Trial Status 14

Clinical Trials by End Point Status 15

Unaccomplished Trials of African Trypanosomiasis 16

Subjects Recruited Over a Period of Time 17

Clinical Trials by Sponsor Type 18

Prominent Sponsors 19

Top Companies Participating in African Trypanosomiasis Therapeutics Clinical Trials 20

Prominent Drugs 21

Clinical Trial Profiles 22

Clinical Trial Overview of Top Companies 22

Immtech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 22

Clinical Trial Overview of Immtech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 22

KT&G Corporation 23

Clinical Trial Overview of KT&G Corporation 23

Clinical Trial Overview of Top Institutes / Government 24

Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative 24

Clinical Trial Overview of Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative 24

Epicentre Biotechnologies 25

Clinical Trial Overview of Epicentre Biotechnologies 25

United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund 26

Clinical Trial Overview of United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund 26

Five Key Clinical Profiles 27

Appendix 44

Abbreviations 44

Definitions 44

Research Methodology 45

Secondary Research 45

About GlobalData 46

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Disclaimer 46

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