African Development Bank Group - Power - Deals and Alliances Profile

African Development Bank Group - Power - Deals and Alliances Profile
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Février 2016
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African Development Bank Group (AfDB) is a development finance institution. It promotes social and economic development by providing loans, grants, guarantees, equity investments and technical assistance in its regional member countries. The constituent institutions of the bank include The African Development Bank (ADB), The African Development Fund (ADF) and The Nigeria Trust Fund (NTF). ADB finances several development projects and programs with the help of loans, investments and grants. ADF offers concession on loans and grants for projects and programs, as well as technical assistance. NTF supports the development of low-income Regional Member Countries (RMCs). AfDB is headquartered in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire.

African Development Bank Group - Power - Deals and Alliances Profile provides you comprehensive data and trend analysis of the company's Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As), partnerships and financings. The report provides detailed information on Mergers and Acquisitions, Equit

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African Development Bank Group, Power, Deals By Year, 2010 to YTD 2016 8

African Development Bank Group, Power Deals By Type, 2010 to YTD 2016 9

African Development Bank Group, Power, Deals By Region, 2010 to YTD 2016 10

African Development Bank Group, Power, Deals By Sector, 2010 to YTD 2016 11

African Development Bank Group, Power, Deals Summary, 2010 to YTD 2016 12

African Development Bank Group, Power, Deal Details 15

Asset Purchase 15

New and Renewable Energy Authority Plans Project Financing of USD194.3 Million for First Phase of Wind Power Plants in Egypt 15

Congo, Rwanda and Burundi Complete Project Financing of USD189 Million for Ruzizi III Hydro Power Project at Congo and Rwanda Border 16

Abu Dhabi Future Energy and New and Renewable Energy Authority Plan Project Financing of USD130 Million for Wind Power Plant in Egypt 17

Maamba Collieries Completes Project Financing for Maamba Coal Fired Power Plant in Southern Province, Zambia 18

Ethiopian Electric and Power Completes Project Financing of USD800 Million for Gilgel Gibe III Hydropower Project in Ethiopia 19

Azito Energie Completes Project Refinancing For Expansion Of Azito Power Plant In Cote d'Ivoire 20

Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy and Sener Complete Project Financing of USD519 Million for Noor II and III Solar Power Projects in Ouarzazate complex, Morocco 21

Egypt Plans Project Financing of USD50 Million for Solar Power Project in Egypt 22

XiNa Solar One Completes Project Financing of USD660 Million for Xina Solar One Project in Pofadder, South Africa 23

Amu Power Company Completes Project Financing of USD1.5 Billion for Lamu Coal Fired Power Plant in Kenya 24

Greenmillenia Energy Announces Project Financing for Solar Power Project in Isiolo, Kenya 25

Morocco Announces Project Financing of USD1.7 Billion for Phase II of Noor Ouarzazate Concentrated Solar Complex 26

Eskom Announces Project Financing of USD100.2 Million for Concentrating Solar Power Plant in Upington, Northern Cape, South Africa 27

Windiga Energy Announces Project Financing for Solar Power Plant in Zina, Burkina Faso 28

Central Electricity Board Announces Project Financing Of USD116.7 Million for Saint Louis Power Plant Redevelopment Project 29

Regie de Distribution et de Production de l’Eau et de l’Electricite Announces Project Financing of USD95 Million for Jiji and Mulembwe Hydro Power Projects 30

Lake Turkana Wind Power Completes Project Financing Of USD870 Million For Lake Turkana Wind Power Project In Kenya 31

Government Of Sierra Leone, Endeavor Energy Resources And Joule Africa Announce Project Financing For Bumbuna Phase II Power Project 32

Ciprel Completes Project Financing Of US$266.5 Million For Expansion Of CIPREL IV Power Plant In Ivory Coast 33

Djibouti Completes Project Financing Of US$8.2 Million For First Phase Of Geothermal Power Project 34

Lake Turkana Wind Power Completes Project Financing Of US$156 Million For Lake Turkana Wind Power Project In Kenya 35

Takoradi International Completes Project Refinancing Of US$330 Million For Expansion Of Takoradi 2 Plant In Ghana 36

Itezhi-tezhi Power Completes Project Financing Of US$65 Million For Itezhi-Tezhi Hydro Power Project In Zambia 37

Government Of Ethiopia Announces Project Financing Of US$100 Million For Geba Hydro Power Project In Ethiopia 38

Eskom Holdings Completes Project Financing for Upington Solar Thermal Power Plant in South Africa 39

Thika Power Completes Project Financing of USD76.6 Million for Thika Oil Fired Power Plant in Kenya 40

GDC Completes Project Financing Of US$628 Million For Menengai Geothermal Power Project In Nairobi, Kenya 41

Republic of Cameroon Announces Project Financing Of US$329.7 Million For Gas Fired Power Plant 42

EWSA And Kivuwatt Complete Project Financing Of USD91 Million For Phase I Of KivuWatt Power Project In Rwanda 43

Kribi Power Announces Project Financing Of US$258 Million For Kribi Gas Power Plant In Cameroon 44

ONE Announces Project Financing US$479 Million For Hybrid Power Plant In Morocco 45

Eskom Completes Project Financing For Sere Wind Project In Western Cape, South Africa 46

NWSC Completes Project Financing Of US$115 Million For Sewage Power Project In Uganda 47

EDEPC Announces Project Financing Of US$550 Million For Suez Thermal Power Plant In Cairo, Egypt 48

Addax Bioenergy Completes Project Financing Of US$188 Million For Makeni Bioenergy Project In Sierra Leone 49

Government Of Cape Verde, Electra And Infraco Completes Project Financing For Monte Sao Filipe Wind Energy Plant In Praia, Cape Verde 50

Egyptian Electricity Transmission Completes Project Financing Of US$550 Million For Suex Steam Fired Power Plant In Cairo, Egypt 51

Eskom Completes Project Financing For Wind Power Project And Solar Thermal Power Plant In South Africa 52

Government Of Rwanda Plans Project Financing For Geothermal Power Project Portfolio In Rwanda 53

Government of Cape Verde, Cabeolica And AFC Complete Project Financing Of US$62 Million For Four Wind Power Plants In Cape Verde 54

Eskom Holdings Announces Project Financing For Solar Power Plant, South Africa 55

Botswana Power Completes Project Financing Of US$1,190 Million For Morupule B Power Station, Botswana 56

KPDC Completes Project Financing Of US$96 Million For Dibamba Power Project, Cameroon 57

Eskom Completes Project Financing Of US$5 Billion For Medupi Power Project In Limpopo Province, South Africa 58

Chad Receives a Grant of USD0.8 Million for Starsol Solar Power Plant in N’Djamena 59

JCM Greenquest Solar to Receive Grant Of USD1.7 Million for Solar Power Plant in Cameroon 60

Regie de Distribution et de Production de l’Eau et de l’Electricite Receives Grant of USD122 Million for Jiji and MuMulembwe Power Plants 61

Government Of Egypt To Receive Grant For Solar PV Power Project 62

African Development Bank Group - Key Competitors 63

Key Employees 64

Locations And Subsidiaries 65

Head Office 65

Other Locations & Subsidiaries 65

Recent Developments 66

Feb 12, 2016: Stakeholders gather in Abidjan to advance Sustainable Energy for All in Africa 66

Feb 04, 2016: Inauguration act of NOOR-I, the largest Concentrated Solar Power Plant of the world in Ouarzazate, Morocco 67

Jan 21, 2016: A New Deal on Energy for Africa – Power, Potential and Partnership 68

Jan 19, 2016: World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2016 69

Jan 18, 2016: Uganda awarded grant to prepare transformational Strategic Program for Climate Resilience 70

Dec 21, 2015: AfDB finances its first Independent Power Producer Project in Sierra Leone 72

Dec 21, 2015: AfDB Supports ESKOM to construct and maintain transmission lines and power stations in South Africa 73

Dec 21, 2015: AfDB approves EUR 24 million to boost Cameroon’s energy production 74

Dec 18, 2015: AfDB approves regional hydropower PPP to increase electricity supply and integration in Burundi, DRC, Rwanda 75

Dec 17, 2015: AfDB Board approves 2015/16-2019/20 Country Strategy Paper and US $500-million loan for Economic Governance and Energy Support Program 76

Dec 15, 2015: Italy joins Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa with USD 8-million contribution, raises continent’s green energy potential 78

Dec 08, 2015: Africa-Led Renewable Energy Project Receives Billions in Backing from International Community 79

Dec 02, 2015: AfDB to support electricity access for all by 2030 with African Renewable Energy Initiative 80

Dec 02, 2015: Integrity in Development: AfDB and Hitachi conclude settlement agreement 82

Dec 01, 2015: African Union unveils plan to develop 10GW of renewable energy by 2020 83

Dec 01, 2015: France to Invest 2 Billion Euros in Africa Renewables 84

Nov 16, 2015: Innovative financing initiatives to transform the African energy sector presented at PIDA Week 85

Nov 13, 2015: Uganda receives endorsement of plan to transform energy through geothermal, solar and wind resources 87

Nov 13, 2015: Rwanda gets go-ahead to transform its energy sector 88

Oct 01, 2015: SNC-Lavalin Arrives At Settlement Agreement With The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) 90

Sep 30, 2015: SEFA supports development of hydropower project in Guinea-Bissau 91

Sep 30, 2015: AfDB grants $428m in energy and infrastructure, transport and water projects in Africa 92

Sep 16, 2015: AfDB approves US$ 121 million for electricity expansion to rural households in Uganda 93

Sep 15, 2015: Shs. 20 billion fund for electricity projects 94

Sep 10, 2015: President Akinwumi A. Adesina pushes for a New Deal on Energy for Africa and Binding Agreement at COP21 95

Jul 09, 2015: AfDB approves €16.7 million to improve electricity access in Guinea Bissau’s capital 96

Jun 18, 2015: Climate finance mobilized by the AfDB went up by 60% compared to 2013 97

Jun 12, 2015: Eskom’s Sere wind farm in South Africa financed by the AfDB and CIF now in full commercial operation 99

May 20, 2015: SE4All Action Agendas set stage for mobilizing investment in sustainable energy in Africa 100

May 15, 2015: Opportunities abound in Mali's promising renewable energy sector, says new country profile 101

May 13, 2015: AfDB supports indigenous power investors in Africa 102

Apr 29, 2015: SEFA poised to foster private sector participation in renewable energy in Mozambique 103

Mar 27, 2015: Chad solar PV plant receives $780,000 start-up funds 104

Feb 20, 2015: AfDB hosts workshop to develop ECOWAS Gender and Energy Policy 105

Jan 13, 2015: SEFA to support solar-hybrid mini-grids in rural growth centres in Tanzania 106

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